Since 2008, the Hermannsweg has been awarded the quality seal "Qualitätsweg Wanderbares Deutschland". It is about 160 km long, starts in Rheine, runs mostly along the ridge of the Teutoburg Forest and ends in Velmerstot near Bad Meinberg. It is about 1 km from the campsite.



Fascination Hermannshöhen

Since 2014, new hiking trails have been established in the Teutoburg Forest. They are called Teutoschleifen.

The Teutoschleife Holperdorper has an access road from the campsite and is approx. 14 km long. It crosses the Hermannsweg twice.


The Ahornweg is approx. 600 m from the campsite. It is the green "Route 1" from Bad Iburg in the direction of Hagen a. T. W..

There are 6 routes that start in Bad Iburg.