In 1963 my parents had the idea of starting a Campsite on their beautifully situated property in Holperdorp. The excellent location,  between rolling hills, meadows, and  the woodlands of the famous Teutoburger Wald (forest) were ideally suited to this venture.

I, Eberhard Krützmann, became the owner and operator in 1999. Since then we have followed our vision of preserving the old whilst constantly modernizing our facilities with enthusiasm and attention to detail.

Together with my partner, Heike Tobergte, I try every day to offer our guests a pleasant and enjoyable stay, whether it is on the Campsite, in our very own sleeping waggon or in our chicken coop or in our ducks home! We are open all year round and are always happy to welcome you as our guest.  No winter service!

The Campsite is located 170m above sea level on south facing hills and has an area of 78000 m², which is around  20 acres.

The Holperdorper valley offers many trekking and  rambling trails and the picturesque towns of Lienen, Bad Iburg and Hagen am Teutoburger Wald are only 5km away.