In the historic village centre of Lienen there are lovingly restored half-timbered houses. Children can have fun and play in the adjacent water and mud area. The barefoot park also starts here. An indoor and outdoor swimming pool is about 2.5 km from the campsite.

Community of Lienen

There is a very beautiful park below the castle in Bad Iburg.

Be sure to visit the Baumwipfelpfad.

City Bad Iburg

The municipality of Hagen a.T.W. is about 7 km from the campsite. The cherry blossom is known far beyond the borders as "Kirschen Hagen". At blossom time you can expect a wonderful display of blossoms.  The municipality also invites you to go hiking. The Ahornweg leads through the municipality.


Community Hagen a.T.W.

In Bad Rothenfelde you must experience the approx. 400 m long Salinenanlage and enjoy the beautiful rose garden.


Community Bad Rothenfelde

Then visit the cities: Osnabrück, Münster, Warendorf.

We also have some information from the smaller villages and towns.

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